Community Wallpaper Contest for Xubuntu 22.04 LTS

To celebrate the forthcoming LTS release, the Xubuntu team is organizing a community wallpaper contest. Six winning submissions will be included in the 22.04 LTS release. The winners will receive some Xubuntu stickers.

To keep the contest fair and to focus on the community, the 22.04 contest has the following limitations:

  • Maximum of 5 submissions per person. If you have more material you’d like to submit, consider which ones you think are the best quality and suit the occasion the best.
  • Only submit your own work. It’s fine if you submit a piece of work that is built upon somebody else’s work (thus is a derivative piece of work) as long as it is considerably different from the original. If you submit a piece of derivative work, please select the “Other” license type and point us to the original, along with its attribution and license. (It’s also fine if you submit a piece of work from your family as long as you have their permission to do so.)

Please read the full Terms and Guidelines in order to make sure your submission is eligible to win. In case you have questions or issues with the platform, feel free to contact us via the usual methods: the IRC channel #xubuntu-devel on Freenode or the Xubuntu-devel mailing list.

Terms and Guidelines

Please read the full Terms and Guidelines before submitting. Any submissions that do not adhere to the Terms and Guidelines will be ignored without notice.

Terms and Guidelines